NBA: Surprise, he reveals a solution against Wembanyama!

While this night, Victor Wembanyama will face the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, the French prodigy is coming off an incomplete performance against the Indiana Pacers. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, Wemby was well controlled by Obi Toppin, who also revealed some tips to stop the Spurs pivot.

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, Victor Wembanyama probably had his worst game in the NBA. Author of 13 points against the Indiana Pacers, the number one in the last draft was clearly not successful in shooting (3-12). Despite collecting 10 rebounds, Wemby seems to have been surrounded by the defense of Pacerswith notably Obi Toppin targeted. However, the legend of Los Angeles Lakers Michael Cooper recently revealed that Victor Wembanyama seemed indefensible.

“His shot is indefensible”

“For me, (Wemby) is in the category of Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar editor’s note). He has an indefensible shot from the height of his 2m26 (2m24, editor’s note). The young man has a real jump shot in his arsenal. Who will be able to jump high enough to counter him? Person. His shot is indefensible »declared the five-time NBA champion.

“The only thing you can do with him is be physical.”

But then how Obi Toppin and the defense of Pacers managed to thwart Victor Wembanyama and the Spurs ? : “Was I good on defense? Man, I’m glad you said that. He’s definitely big, but the only thing you can do with him is be physical. I think I made a quick mistake on him simply to set the tone and make him understand that he wouldn’t have anything easy. But nah, all you can do is try to stay in front of him and contest his shots. He will always succeed in taking them and will score a few, but that’s part of the game.”confided the former strong winger of the Knicks de New-York in remarks relayed by Let’s TalkBasketball.

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