NBA: These three stars who risk being traded during the 2023-24 season

From Kevin Durant to draft picks to players who have never set foot on an NBA floor… In total, 61 players were traded between opening night and the trade deadline for the 2022-23 season . Over the past few months, Damian Lillard has sucked up all of our attention, but now that the season is approaching, we need to broaden our horizons a bit and identify some of the most important trade candidates for 2023-24.

James Harden

For most of the offseason in NBAan exchange with James Harden seemed improbable for the 76ers. In fact, the Clippers did not reach the price requested by Daryl Morey and no one else seemed interested. But now that we know that Clippers have at least offered an unprotected first-round pick and a trade, a deal appears to be within reach. After all, Philadelphia apparently doesn’t plan to keep Harden beyond the season. So it doesn’t make sense to keep it in this context. Even if it is not about Clippers, circumstances may change during the season. All it takes to drive up the price is for one additional franchise to unexpectedly need a veteran point guard. So Philadelphia will be able to make a deal. It is a priori only a question of time.

Malcolm Brogdon

While Portland is convinced by the idea of ​​keeping Robert Williams IIIand this despite the presence of Deandre Ayton at the pivot position, everything suggests that the same fate is not reserved for Malcolm Brogdon. Both players recently arrived in Oregon from Boston but Brogdon could already be pushed to another franchise. In fact, the Blazers have already Scoot Henderson, Shaedon Sharpe et Anfernee Simons on the back line and the former C’s has too much value for the teams playing for the title. In short, Malcolm Brogdon will be a solid veteran for the youngsters Trail Blazers…until February.

Pascal I’m sorry

The president of Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujirihimself declared that the Raptors had not entered into extension negotiations with Pascal I’m sorry. You’re in completed his statement by saying that the Raptors were selfish as a team last season. What I’m hungry retorted that he had not “ an ounce of selfishness ” in him. The damage already seems to have been done and the rupture has been achieved. The Cameroonian will have a solid commercial market if the Raptors make it available. The only real question here is whether You’re in will reduce its outlandish demands enough to strike a deal in February or simply risk an unrequited departure in the summer of 2024.

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