NBA transfer: The star that teams are chasing

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Pascal Siakam is undoubtedly the biggest star in NBA transfer rumors right now. Lately, negotiations have reportedly intensified with the Toronto Raptors. His departure from the franchise, which drafted him seven years ago and with which he won a title in 2019, seems closer than ever.

Pascal I’m sorry is the name to watch ahead of the NBA trade deadline on February 8. After having sent OG Anunoby to the New York KnicksTHE Toronto Raptors could seek to erase the last vestige of the 2019 champion team. As discussions become more and more serious, his trade appears imminent.

At least 10 teams interested in Pascal Siakam

According to Shams Charania of The AthleticTHE Raptors have accelerated in the negotiations concerning Pascal I’m sorry. Most media outlets agree that there is a good chance he will be transferred before February 8. The winger is arguably the most sought-after star on the market, attracting interest from at least 10 teams in the NBA, according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports.

The Pistons and the Pacers in pole position, the Warriors on the file

Among all the teams interested in the former NBA champion, the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons are the most likely destinations, according to Fischer. Both of these franchises have plenty of draft rounds and young talent to offer in return, and are looking to turn a corner. However, according to Chris Haynes of Bleacher ReportTHE Golden State Warriors are also on file. Siakam would be the ideal player to support Stephen Curry and revive the team, currently 10th in the Western Conference.

THE Atlanta Hawks, who have been interested for a long time, are expected to withdraw, the timing not being ideal for such a transfer. THE Sacramento Kings had made an offer to Raptors and seemed to be the favorites, but they ultimately withdrew.

High demands from the Raptors

It is likely that the Kings withdrew due to the incompatibility between their strategy and the requirements of Toronto. The team prefers to acquire young, already established players — like RJ Barrett et Immanuel Quickley that they recently hosted — rather than draft rounds. For his part, Sacramento does not intend to transfer Keegan Murray. In recent years, the Raptors have set high prices for their players, and it appears a major offer would be needed to convince them to transfer Pascal I’m sorry.

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