NBA: Warriors coach reveals Chris Paul’s future role in Golden State

That’s the big question right now on Golden State’s side. Who will be the Warriors’ sixth man this season? Andrew Wiggins? Draymond Green? Klay Thompson? Chris Paul? Kevin Looney? Apart from Stephen Curry, no one has the certainty of being able to constantly be in the 5 major. This Monday, head coach Steve Kerr dotted the i’s and designated how the team was going to operate.

About a year ago, the Golden State Warriors were starting their training camp as they went through what coach Steve Kerr then called the biggest crisis of his tenure in San Francisco. The incident between Draymond Green et Jordan Poole was never fully resolved, breaking the camaraderie within the locker room and harming their success on the field. But times have changed, Chris Paul replaced Poole. If the arrival of the third best passer in the history of NBA allowed GS to see a better atmosphere in the team, it also made the coach’s task more complex. Indeed, Kerr must now make a choice.

“We have a ton of work to do”

One week before media day, Kerr and the new general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. are confident that the chemistry and connectivity within their team is at a high level. Players, from top to bottom of the roster, made a concerted effort to develop chemistry before training camp. The pillars of Golden State – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson et Draymond Green – held several workouts over the summer in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas for their veteran and younger teammates. “ These guys are all here to make it work and have a great season “, said Dunleavy during a press conference Monday. “ I feel really good about where we are in September. We have a ton of work to do, but I think the foundation is in a good place right now. »

“We are going to try different combinations”

Part of the work that Warriors must do is to determine their starting formation: “ The way I see it, we have six starters, and only five can go each night, Kerr said Monday. I haven’t decided yet what we’re going to do… We’re going to try different combinations and take a look. Obviously, all six guys are going to play a lot of minutes for us. » The most likely scenario is that Paul or Looney come off the bench to start, with Golden State choosing to either go with a trio Curry, Paul, Thompsonor to become more traditional with CP3 trying out the role of sixth man for the first time in his career.

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