NBA: Wembanyama and Mbappé, the dream takes shape

Like many French athletes, Victor Wembanyama share a common dream, that of participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in order to win the gold medal. The two French sporting phenomena have obligations but they ensure they do everything to be able to be there next August. And the new Spurs player affirmed his desire to be present.

Kylian Mbappé et Victor Wembanyama are undoubtedly the two French athletes with the biggest media impact at the moment. The two phenomena are in the spotlight and their employer does everything to protect them. Mbappé knows, it will be very difficult for him to participate in the I of Paris 2024 due to the schedule. However, the Parisian striker already sees himself there, like Victor Wembanyama. The new star of Spurs does not hide his desire to do JO home.

“I will of course be present at the Olympics”

And on top of that, The animal does not intend to go there to make up the numbers because he intends to bring home the gold medal. “ Succeeding in the Olympics would be a great story. And there will be no goal other than gold. I will of course be present at the Olympics. I watched the World Cup and the result was very disappointing. However, I am not worried. I have no judgment to make, I was not in the team and it is in the hands of top level players. I feel that this does not alter the opportunity to do something big in Paris next year », he declared in the columns of The team. He returns more determined than ever after his summer break and his withdrawal from the media space.

“I took the time to isolate myself”

« It was the first time in my life that I felt tired in my head, because of all the events that happened one after the other. Nothing negative. But the vacation, after the Summer League, was a necessity to continue calmly on a mental level. I took the time to isolate myself. This is the first time I have appeared in the media in three months. It did me good “, added Victor Wembanyama. In August 2024, the France can therefore hope to see its two champions win the most beautiful metal.

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