New gourmet episode of the XV of producers with Eliott Roudil

In this new episode of the XV of Producers, Christian Califano takes along Eliott Roudil, winger of the Pau Section, to discover a production of the famous Basco-Béarnais sheep cheese!

Direction Aste-Béon, 34km south of Pau, for this new episode of the producers’ XV. Christian Califano continues to travel across France to discover and promote local products. Today, it is therefore in Béarn that he sets down his suitcases. In the company of the winger of the Pau Section Eliott Roudil, “Cali” visits a sheep cheese production.

A specialty of the region, this famous cheese is one of the products that Julien Peyre Lavigne strives to create, in the Ossau valley. With more than 2000 tommes produced per year and 450 ewes, this local producer is driven by passion. He shows off his workplace, with Jérôme Anglade, an Intermarché member. In pictures, discover the secrets of producing sheep’s cheese before it is put on shelves in stores.


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