New revelations on the PSG – OM match!

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Olympique de Marseille lost the clasico against PSG this Sunday with a score of 4-0. The defensive system proposed at the start of this meeting is a choice of sports director David Friio…

We learned this morning from the newspaper l’Equipe that OM players would have questioned the system deployed against PSG by the coach of Marseille in 5-3-2 that they would not have worked enough. “A pattern that they did not master enough, according to them, to attempt it against such an opponent, after having only worked on it for less than an hour on the eve of the match. »explained the daily this Tuesday.

According to our informationthe choice to go with this defensive system was not that of the coach of Olympique de Marseille Jacques Abandonado. Indeed, the former defender is cornered by the sporting director of loon David Friio who would have imposed this 5-3-2. This change of system was not understood by the players who complained about it at half-time of the match against PSG.

Still according to our information, Pancho should take over sole management of the team against Monaco with a probable return to 433 and a more offensive face.

Friio imposed the 5-3-2? Abardonado takes control?

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We can’t blame everything on Pancho, that’s not true

Jose Anigo gave an interview to La Provence where he talks about his experience as an interim coach. He also seems surprised to see so little support around the current interim coach of theABOUT Abandoned Pancho that he finds lonely in this post where he was placed a few days ago.

“You know, it’s not a normal situation when someone parachutes you like that. You’re not really wired for that. For Pancho, in his head, it was not planned: there was a coach. He leaves and then we bomb him. The problem, when you go on an adventure like that… (He interrupts) I tell you this with the experience that I have today. At 63 (he will be in April, Editor’s note), we can think differently from when I was 40 or when I was at OM. I was a different guy. I watched the match. Be careful ; from what I saw, it’s difficult to judge, explains José Anigo to La Provence this Monday.

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“Pancho is certainly interesting and has lots of things to give, but look at his staff, he is going on an adventure and a club like OM, a little alone in that, continues the former OM sports director. Marcelino came with a staff, with people on whom he relied, with whom he interacted. I think that, to help Pancho, what they could have done is give him the opportunity to build a staff, even if it is one-off. That he can rely on people with more experience. Maybe that would have given him a different start. I also saw the match at Ajax, he did well. Yesterday (Sunday against PSG, editor’s note), we can’t blame everything on Pancho, that’s not true. Of course, when you are a coach, you have the responsibility. But I want to tell you that it’s difficult for him to get into something like that without staff. Who are its analysts? Who is his physical trainer? Who is his deputy? Who are the people around him? It’s complicated, very hard. This is why all the coaches come to OM with an extended staff. »

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