“No limits” to support for Ukraine: Macron worries the opposition and “increases the level of direct involvement” of France according to Moscow

A position deemed irresponsible by the opposition received on Thursday by the Head of State.

Emmanuel Macron persists and signs. The head of state repeated it on Thursday, facing stunned opponents, there is “no limit” is “Red line” to France’s support for Ukraine.

The oppositions denounced a positioning “irresponsible” before a parliamentary debate which promises to be lively. “I arrived worried and I left more worried,” explained LFI coordinator Manuel Bompard after a 2.5 hour meeting at the Élysée between the President and the leaders of the parties with a group in Parliament.

According to him, the head of state explained that he “had to support Ukraine whatever it costs.”

“Strategic ambiguity”

Emmanuel Macron therefore accepts his comments of February 26, which pushed most of kyiv’s Western allies and NATO to distance themselves. The French president had affirmed that sending ground troops to Ukraine should not “be excluded”defending a form of“strategic ambiguity”.

“By his proposal to send troops to Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron aroused concern in the country, he isolated France on the international scene and he played into the hands of Vladimir Putin by exposing to the world the divisions of the Western camp “estimated, on the contrary, Jordan Bardella (RN).

A “virilist declaration”

“It’s really a problem of amateurism,” judge Marine Tondelier (EELV), speaking of a “virilist statement”.

For Manuel Bompard (LFI), “the President of the Republic does not really seem to understand the risk that stubbornness in this military path could pose for France and the world in general.”

A position “inopportune, inappropriate, even irresponsible”denounces Éric Ciotti (LR).

“Ready tomorrow to engage in a warlike escalation”

According to Fabien Roussel (PCF), describing a President “ready tomorrow to engage in a warlike escalation”Emmanuel Macron notably outlined, with a supporting map, the scenario of an advance of the front “towards Odessa or towards kyiv”.

“Which could trigger an intervention”, because “we should in no way let him do this”explained the President.

“France must lead a coalition for a diplomatic solution”retorts Fabien Roussel.

As the debate and vote approach, scheduled for March 12 in the National Assembly, then March 13 in the Senate, Emmanuel Macron also wants to show that France is in no way isolated.

Twenty-eight countries participated on Thursday in a videoconference follow-up meeting dedicated to support for Ukraine, organized by France. The tenant of the Élysée received, the same day, the president of Moldova, Maia Sandu, at the Élysée, to sign a defense cooperation agreement and reaffirm Paris’ support in the face of Russian destabilization attempts.

The Kremlin’s warning

“The President’s position is that of a proportionate response to Russian hardening, without any escalation,” tempers Emmanuel Macron’s entourage.

However, this is not the signal received by Moscow. “Mr. Macron is convinced of his policy of wanting to inflict a strategic defeat on our country and he continues to increase the level of direct involvement of France.” in the conflict in Ukraine, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov reacted on Thursday in a video broadcast on Telegram.

“This means that Russia no longer has red lines for France,” threatened former Russian President and current Vice-President of the Security Council Dmitri Medvedev on the social network

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