OL (0-7): Amel Majri in all the good shots

Amel Majri, OL offensive player

Amel Majri, OL offensive player (credit: David Hernandez)

Thanks to his hat-trick and several decisive actions, Amel Majri greatly impacted OL’s victory in Lille this Saturday (0-7). Find the best and the flop of the editorial teamOlympique-et-Lyonnais.

She started the match by adjusting a nice cross on a corner during the opening of the score, to finish it with an unconverted offering addressed to Vicki I drink. Action Majri not only scored a hat-trick, including two headers, this Saturday in Lille (44th, 51st and 67th), but she also delivered some caviars. She will not have an assist to her credit, but she still put her teammates in good conditions several times to score. She also rewarded us with her renowned technical quality on a few sequences, adding to that great activity for 90 minutes. The other good news for Fenottes came from central defense, with the highly anticipated return of Wendie Renard to the competition.

At 7-0 in their favor, it is necessarily difficult to nominate an OL player in this category. Once is not customary, we can be interested in the performance of the referee, Aurélie Efe. It was especially during the first period that certain decisions were surprising, with a general impression of greater leniency towards the Lille team. This was particularly noted during two actions on Kadidiatou Diana, of which at least one, the last, could (should) have been worth a penalty. A yellow card so quickly distributed to Amel Majri, which shows an increased severity on the gestures of the Lyonnaises in comparison with those of the opponents, which is generally a habit in D1. Another question, Liana’s fault Joseph in its surface which still seems quite light (64th).

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