OL are no longer afraid of Ligue 2, a journalist is worried – Olympique Lyonnais

OL have had a string of good results in recent weeks in Ligue 1 and can look forward. However, Les Gones will have to remain wary.

In Ligue 1 this season, the fight for survival promises to be tight. For many weeks, theOL occupied a relegation place. Since the last winter transfer market, things have been better. It must be said, the Rhone management has put in place the means to strengthen itself. And it is paying off. After 22 days of Ligue 1, Les Gones are 11th but are only 3 points ahead of the play-off, namely FC Nantes. If the best is seen, the road to maintaining promises to be long and strewn with pitfalls given the competition and the lack of margin for Pierre Sage’s men. It is not Jean-Baptiste Duluc, son of Vincent Duluc and also a player, who will say the opposite.

OL still far from being saved in Ligue 1

On his “Yes, OL recruited well, yes OL seems to be clearly doing better but from here to believe they are saved and want to look ahead… Small figure: since the truce, OL have only resumed a small point on the roadblock square. So “, notably indicated Jean-Baptise Duluc, who knows that everything hangs by a thread for the Gones. During the next day of Ligue 1, the Rhone residents will travel to FC Metz. A team that is also struggling to maintain itself. Woe to the vanquished even if the Lorraines have much less certainty than OL, who are left with a scathing 3-0 defeat against Montpellier last Sunday.

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