OL: Cherki will receive a phone call, it will be painful – Olympique Lyonnais

Lacking playing time at Olympique Lyonnais, Rayan Cherki suffered the consequences. The attacking midfielder was not summoned by the Espoirs tricolores coach Thierry Henry, who planned to explain his decision to him.

Rayan Cherki takes another blow to the head. While the France Espoirs team will begin its preparation for the Olympic Games at home, the attacking midfielder of Olympique Lyonnais was not summoned for the next gathering. Thierry Henry had nevertheless placed his trust in Gone, which had already been in difficulty for several months. But his significantly reduced playing time ended up cooling the Bleuets coach.

« Cherki absent because he would not start? No, no, not at all, it has nothing to do with thatclarified the French coach. I know Rayan very well. Less playing time is much more difficult. There are players arriving too. We also have to look at what Maghnes Akliouche is doing in Monaco. So there you have it, it’s just performance quite simply. Once again, this is not a punishment, there are the 2001s coming. In any case, internally, I also told them, and I say it quite often: the truth of one day is not often that of the next day. »

Cherki is no match

« But again, this is not a punishment. It’s just that at the moment, as you can see, he’s in a bit of trouble in Lyon. He will of course have a phone call and explanations after speaking with you. But when you look closely, Maghnes is doing what he has to do in Monaco, he came into play recently and gave away a goal ball and he plays quite often. There is new competition coming. Enzo (Millot) is very good in Germany. Désiré (Doué), if you watch Rennes’ matches at the moment, he is good. So there you have it, it’s simply competition », explained Thierry Henry without wanting to push the Lyonnais.

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