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If Olympique Lyonnais managed to save its season and can even still believe in European qualification after a completely failed start to the 2023/2024 financial year, defense still remains a major project for the Rhone club.

Thanks to a very good series in 2024, theOL has completely moved away from the red zone to climb to 8th place in Ligue 1. Les Gones can still dream of the European Cup and also have a Coupe de France final to play against PSG. However, all is not rosy in Lyon. The defensive sector poses a lot of problems. This season, OL have conceded 51 goals in the league. Pierre Sage’s men have the worst defense in Ligue 1, after Lorient, who have conceded 61 goals. However, Lyon has several players in this sector but most of them are not satisfactory. Streamer Serious Charly thinks that OL must manage their problem with their central defenders this summer to reform a more solid axis. However, you also have to hope for miraculous sales to unlock all of this.

OL’s huge defensive project, we must sell

“The big subject of the transfer window is that (central defense, Editor’s note). We will meet again this summer with Duje Ćaleta-Car, Jake O’Brien, Dejan Lovren, Sinaly Diomandé, Mamadou Sarr and Adryelson. That’s 6 central defenders, 3 of whom OL don’t want and one who is young and who will want to play. What do we do with all these central defenders? Are we recruiting? Are we going to succeed in selling Lovren, Diomandé? Succeed in doing something with Adryelson? We will not be able to recruit without getting rid of one of the six central defenders. Knowing that Clinton Mata can also play central defender. This is the big subject of the transfer window, we see that this is what is detrimental to the team” explained the Lyon supporter in a live broadcast. Obviously, OL fans are waiting for a central defender to leave in order to be able to recruit another, more solid player, who could stabilize this sector which still impacts Les Gones’ results.

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