OL will forever be the first in the 2024 winter transfer window! – Olympique Lyonnais

The winter transfer window is now over in Ligue 1, and the time to take stock has come. For Olympique Lyonnais, this month of January was one of all records in terms of spending.

We think what we want about John Textor, but he has kept his commitments in terms of transfers. Last October, and after a defeat (1-2) against Clermont which left OL in last place in Ligue 1, John Textor had first reinforced Fabio Grosso in his functionsbefore promising a flamboyant winter transfer window, investments to the tune of 50 million euros being mentioned by the American owner of Lyon to allow his club to avoid catastrophic relegation to Ligue 2. If the Italian coach has since been fired by Textor, it is obvious that the 2024 winter transfer window was shattering since Pierre Sage saw several players arrive in his locker room, including Nemanja Matic, Orel Mangala, Said Benrahma during the last days.

OL ahead of PSG and Bayern Munich

In total, Olympique Lyonnais spent 56.1 million euros during the month of January, and it is an understatement to say that this is not insignificant. Indeed, not only is OL the club that has invested the most in Ligue 1, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain no less, but also the current 16th in Ligue 1 is also the most spending club in Europe ahead of PSG (40 million euros) and Bayern Munich (30 million euros). With this armada in mind, Olympique Lyonnais must now quickly escape from the red zone of Ligue 1, and why not win the Coupe de France, since Pierre Sage’s team is still in the race in this competition. After such a transfer window, Textor will not be satisfied with a place in the soft underbelly of the championship, the French coach of OL has already been warned.

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