OM at “war” against its supporters, Longoria on the sidelines

After a stormy day, Olympique de Marseille announced the withdrawal of its Management Board, and therefore of President Pablo Longoria. The crisis is deep at OM.

And Olympique de Marseille communicated! After a completely crazy Tuesday, where the departures of Marcelino and Pablo Longoria were announced then denied, the Olympian club broke the silence at 10:30 p.m.

Here is what the Phocaeans explain in particular: “Following a meeting held on Monday September 18, 2023 at the Robert Louis-Dreyfus Training Center, representatives of the supporters’ associations expressed their wish to see the current OM Directory resign. The threat of a ‘war’ (sic) against them was issued, as long as they did not resign. »

The conclusion is then: “The OM Directory cannot accept personal threats. Its members cannot tolerate individual attacks and any form of unfounded public defamation. A relationship based on intimidation cannot guarantee the minimum acceptable conditions so that the club’s Executive Board can continue to invest in the transformation of OM. »

The text is not necessarily very clear, but L’Equipe confirms that the four members of the management boards, including president Pablo Longoria and his right-hand man Javier Ribalta, are stepping back from their functions and will not accompany the team to Amsterdam this week in the Europa League. And Marcelino in all this? The Spanish press reports that the Iberian coach has linked his destiny to that of Longoria, so his personal situation seems no longer uncertain.

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