OM: He throws out the origin of the Galtier track!

Looking for a coach following the resignation of Marcelino, OM would be excited about the idea of ​​recruiting Christophe Galtier. A rather surprising mistake given the recent past of the former PSG coach. As crazy as it is, this idea would have been suggested by the financial director of the Marseille club Stéphane Tessier.

LOON is more than ever in crisis. Dryly beaten by the PSG Sunday evening (4-0), the Marseille club hit rock bottom. For now, Jacques Abandonado takes over as interim following the resignation of Marcelino more Pablo Longoriawho resumed his duties as president after stepping aside last week, is looking for a new coach.

Galtier at OM?

This is the news of the day regarding loon. According to RMC Sport, Pablo Longoria would have probed Christophe Galtier to replace Marcelino. The Marseillais has been free since his departure from PSG but he would still ask himself questions for fear of the reaction of Marseille supporters. He can count on the support of many internal supporters, including a very important person in the club’s organizational chart.

Tessier pushes for Galtier

A man has gained power in recent weeks loon. According to the journalist Romain Molina, Stephane Tessier would have pushed for the coming of Pierre-Emerick Aubameayang this summer and he would do the same right now for Christophe Galtier that he rubbed shoulders with the AXIS. The financial director of loon has been acting as transfer window advisor for some time within the Marseille club.

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