OM: Longoria announces his decision, the new coach validates

During a press conference held exceptionally on Friday evening, Pablo Longoria announced that he was staying at OM despite the wave of protest sweeping over him. This should help stabilize things a little within the Marseille club. The new coach, Jacques Abardonado, is relieved.

Pablo Longoria refuses to give up. Strongly supported by Frank McCourtthe Spaniard finally decided to stay loon despite the revolt of supporter groups. Present at a press conference this Saturday morning, Jacques Abandonado expressed his relief.

“I have decided to continue my mission as president of OM”

The series is coming to an end. Heckled since the beginning of the week, Pablo Longoriaonce decided to leave, remains loon ! « In view of all this support, I am regaining energy and I have decided to continue my mission as president of OM. I will be in Paris on Sunday “, he announced at a press conference on Friday. Jacques Abandonadowho will be on the bench facing the PSG to compensate for the resignation of Marcelinoreacted to the decision of its president.

“It reassures everyone”

« The group was united at Ajax, it wasn’t easy. That our president confirms his decision reassures everyone. We have the support of our president. It is a relief “, told Jacques Abandonado. LOON can start working peacefully again from now on.

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