OM: Longoria refuses to leave, a revelation falls!

Things are rumbling among OM supporters. As part of an interview with the leaders, the ultra associations of Olympique de Marseille expressed their desire to see Pablo Longoria and his advisors resign. The president of the Marseille club publicly refused. And it turns out that there is a financial variable to take into account in this choice.

Pablo Longoria was jostled by supporters of theABOUT last Monday, September 18 during a meeting. The resignation of the president of the Marseille club and three of its leaders including Javier Ribalta were requested. However, for Provence, Longoria held the following message despite the shock. “I represent an institution. I have a mandate given by the owner and the supervisory board. I must assume my responsibilities.”

Ribalta on the start, not Longoria

Pablo Longoria therefore intends to remain in post at theOlympic Marseillebut the truth seems to be quite different for his right arm Javier Flip. The Team announces in its columns of the day that the trend would be towards a departure for the director of football of the‘ABOUT who does not have a clause in his contract unlike Pablo Longoria.

A clause in Longoria’s contract that changes everything?

According to The Team, Pablo Longoria would find himself obliged to repay all of his past remuneration if he were to leave without Frank McCourt has not validated this decision. If a club were to be interested in Longoriatransfer compensation would have to be paid to the owner of theABOUT. Frank McCourt therefore has insurance, which could, among other things, justify, in addition to its responsibilities towards the American businessman, the determination of Longoria to continue his mission in Marseille. It remains to be seen for how long…

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