Pau Lopez already announces a new coach in Marseille?

Professional journalist following OM (Olympic Marseille). Covers news from OM and the OM transfer window for Marseille media outlet Football Club de Marseille. Director of the show Débat Foot Marseille (“La Voix”). Trained at the Marseille journalism school.

While Pancho Abardonado has been in charge of the first team since Marcelino’s resignation, Pau Lopez told Free Ligue 1 that a new coach was arriving. Simple sentence or info on what’s going on behind the scenes?

“We can’t be any lower. We have to build something from Monday. The old coach has left, a new coach will arrive. I don’t know when but it’s going to happen… We’re going to do it. I’m sure we’re going to have a good season. Today he lacked everything, character, he’s a Classico, we played a friendly match. I’m proud of what we did in Amsterdam but today it’s a disaster match… said the Spanish goalkeeper at the microphone of Free Ligue 1 this Sunday just after the match.

A statement simply released to evoke the future with a little optimism or information slipped in that a coach will arrive soon? Supporters are still waiting for a coach to arrive at OM to take over from Marcelino and Jacques Abardonado, currently installed on an interim basis. Few rumors or information are circulating around a potential coach who could come on the Marseille bench.

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We ran out of balls tonight

Samuel Gigot was back after this humiliation received by loon. “Very complicated this evening, we conceded this first goal very early, we conceded this second goal which was a bit lucky and our plan quickly fell through. When you play a Classico with so little desire it is not possible, said the central defender. We don’t have to get into them anymore, we respected them too much. We all ran out of balls tonight. We watched them play, we didn’t want to. When you play this kind of match, there are no excuses. We will be waiting for them when they return too. We wanted to close the spaces so that he didn’t take advantage of their speed. We have one or two situations, we are very disappointed, we will have to win next week.

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