Police discover video of a suspect raping a three-year-old child, a Nîmes man imprisoned

The Departmental Security concluded a double investigation which led to the indictment of a 35-year-old man from Nîmes and the seizure of a terrible video where a suspect rapes a child whose age is estimated at three years old, perhaps two. Explanations.

Even the seasoned police officers at the Nîmes police station would have been repulsed by the violence of a rape scene captured on a video which shows a three-year-old child (approximately) being sexually abused. The unbearable images were discovered on a mobile phone belonging to a 35-year-old man from Nîmes, initially targeted by an investigation into acts of pimping. Explanations on this extensive investigation which begins with a prostitution case and which ends up revealing the rape of a child.

Gard departmental security has uncovered a prostitution network and discovered a terrible video.
Gard departmental security has uncovered a prostitution network and discovered a terrible video.

For the purposes of the case, the affair was kept secret for many months. The suspect was indicted in early summer 2023 for rape of a minor and capturing child pornography images and then placed in pre-trial detention. But initially, the Departmental Security investigations began in August 2021 with a case of pimping. The first elements had thus led the police to an apartment on rue de l’Etoile in Nîmes on August 3, 2021. Because they suspected that a rape had just been committed on a young, uninsured minor woman. The minor said she had not been raped, but that she was a prostitute. This report led to an initial investigation into a prostitution network operating on a Nîmes scale.

Prostitution case which hides a case of rape of a minor

The investigations, carried out immediately, then confirmed the suspicions of pimping. The noose is tightening on a thirty-year-old suspected of profiting from the prostitution activity of young, underage women. After weeks of surveillance and hearings, investigators accumulated testimonies, seizures of objects, cash and cell phones.

Questioned by the police and the investigating magistrate, the thirty-year-old would have formally refuted the accusations of acting as a pimp. But the charges in the case led to his indictment, then his referral to the criminal court. His case should be judged on Thursday, September 28 for the prostitution aspect.

Telephone expert makes frightening and sordid discovery

It was during the seizure of a cell phone, as part of the pimping investigation, that a second investigation emerged. During his interview at the police station, the man refused to give the code to unlock the smartphone. The mobile was finally entrusted to a telephone and IT expert. This specialist managed to enter the device’s memory, making particularly sordid discoveries with child pornography images as well as an application intended to receive videos from a recording system.

The expert’s investigations also made it possible to discover the terrible video of a rape scene involving the thirty-year-old with a child whose age is estimated at 3 years old, perhaps even 2 years old. The images would be unequivocal and required further investigations by the Departmental Security (group dedicated to pimping and drug trafficking and the juvenile brigade). The images allegedly show rape in the form of sexual intercourse of different types. The Sûreté summary report gave rise to the opening of a judicial investigation separate from the pimping case.

Me Mathieu Montfort, the suspect’s lawyer prefers to speak later

In May 2023, a new judicial investigation was therefore opened by the Nîmes public prosecutor’s office. At the same time, the suspect was the subject of a new indictment in the office of the investigating judge Nathalie Dupuy-Barthélémy, already in charge of the pimping case. The man left the courthouse with another indictment for rape of a minor and recording pedophile images. He was the subject of a new committal warrant in addition to that ordered in the prostitution case.

Contacted this Tuesday, September 19, Me Mathieu Montfort (Montpellier bar), the thirty-year-old’s lawyer, did not wish to speak before the trial for pimping judged at the end of September. He indicated he might speak after the hearing. The investigation into the rape of a minor is still underway. These are criminal acts brought before a criminal court.

The suspect remains presumed innocent until justice has been definitively served.

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