Pro D2 – Lessons from the evening: the trigger for Biarritz, Vannes takes the lead

Biarritz released, Aguilera delivered, the BO returned to victory against Valence-Romans, Vannes regained its leadership position, Rouen won its third success of the season against Nevers… Discover the lessons of the seventeenth day from Pro D2.

Brive at the party

Don’t be fooled by appearances (and score final 38-13), it was not a long, quiet river for Brive facing Montauban. However, Pierre-Henry Broncan’s men wanted to produce a more convincing performance than their last outing against Rouen (21-3), but the ferocity of the Montalbanais long hampered the locals, countered and manhandled in the rucks. A slight fear even invaded Amédée-Domenech when Rokoduguni pierced the Brivist defense after a poor clearance from Carbonneau and crucified a coujou defender with a lightning hook poorly placed and undoubtedly disturbed by his team’s hazardous outing from camp.

On target to make a big away move, Montauban could not prevent the talented Tom Raffy from scoring 10 points including a try following a major action. It was above all the indiscipline of PP Lafond’s men which was very costly with two yellow cards just before the break (and a penalty try) and another yellow toast in the second period. For its part, Brive did not let go of its prey and continued its hard work, helped by the individual talent of Tuivuaka, Ferté and other Raffy. The former Toulouse winger Bonneval mystified the former Rochelais Sanchez for the break try, Hamel flattened for the bonus and Brive played his game. 38-13 final score, offensive bonus to conclude this great evening, while Montauban still hasn’t won in 2024…

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Biarritz: released, delivered!

Fifteenth at kick-off after seven consecutive defeats, Biarritz was in a more than alarming situation when it received Valence-Romans in Aguilera. Obligatory victory, therefore, for the Biarrots, so as not to sink further in the rankings. Unfortunately for the Basques, we don’t suddenly change our magic wand and the difficulties encountered over many weeks were again observed at the start of the match. Even more so when Fabien Fortassin’s men led 10-0 after a try scored by hooker Pena.

Billy Searle and the BO are no longer relegated.

Billy Searle and the BO are no longer relegated.
Midi Olympique – Pablo Ordas

With his back to the wall, Biarritz relied on his fierce desire to move the ball. At first with little success, but the efforts ended up paying off with the second row Motoc’s try in power (10-10, half-time). The Biarrots continued their momentum in the second period thanks to Motoc’s double and Jonas’ try. Finally freed, Simon Mannix’s men let loose by trying a lot of things with the ball. The bonus was consolidated thanks to Sauveterre and Martin. The New Zealand coach can enjoy his first success (38-13) on the Basque coast, this one is major and will do a lot of good for the BO!

Agen at the end of the suspense

The situation was hardly more encouraging for the SUA, stuck in the soft underbelly of the Pro D2. A difficult season for Agen which quite logically led to strong choices from the staff. Dave Ryan warned : “You have the right to miss out on a match. I too missed out in my career. But you don’t have the right not to fight to change that.” A sign that things are not going well at the moment, Agen led 20-3 at the break before being caught and getting scared in the second half when Aurillac decided to start playing. The visitors even took the lead a few minutes from the end. The last word went to Vincent, who first hit the post on a penalty, before having the opportunity to make up for it when Powell was caught by the patrol for a high tackle punished with a yellow card. This time, the 24-year-old opener did not tremble to give victory to the SUA (23-21). The Aurillacois tried to recover quickly to give themselves one last chance, but Aucagne preferred to make a long dismissal putting an end to the suspense. Agen provides the essentials without however reassuring himself.

Rouen revives

The Rouennais had not raised their arms since November 17. Well, at the same time, they had only lifted them twice since the start of the season when starting this seventeenth day… They did it a third time against a largely beaten Nevers 37-7. And this success was experienced as a liberation for the players, given their emotion when celebrating the fourth try, synonymous with victory but also with an offensive bonus.

In a partly empty Robert-Diochon stadium and despite the snow on the edges of the pitch, the Rouennais, in addition to five precious points, showed their best offensively but also defensively, as evidenced by these ten minutes in numerical inferiority where they did not did not collect any points. Nevers has still not won away this season. And given the look of coach Xavier Péméja under his hood and with a balaclava to protect himself from the cold, the content of his team must not have pleased him…

Grenoble with two faces

“Grenoble irresistible”, that was our title between the 36e minute and the 56e. And then we had to rewrite everything. For what ? Because the Dacquois won 27-24 at the Stade des Alpes, achieving quite a feat! After a closed start to the match, FCG was trailing 6-3 but, just before the break, Giorgi Javakhia then Barnabé Massa, in three minutes, consolidated Isère’s domination. Upon returning from the locker room, Atu Manu allowed his team to take the offensive bonus, as during the two previous FCG outings in 2024.

Las, the people of Grenoble have cracked. The Landais first scored a try on an innocuous action, with a ball dropped by the Isérois which transformed into a lightning counter concluded by Théo Gatelier. Then Sylvère Reteau, the replacement scrum half, scored twice, crucifying this FCG capable of the best and the worst, five minutes from the end. If Dax gets ahead of the relegation zone, this setback prevents Grenoble from getting closer to the top 6…

The SAXV wins hand by hand

This Friday evening, Soyaux-Angoulême and Colomiers did not want to let go. Like the halftime score, 13-13, the match was very close. It was ultimately the Angoumoisins who won thanks to a try at the 76e minute of their strong man, the Portuguese international Nicolas Martins. And it was better not to lose this meeting because, despite this success, Alexandre Ruiz’s men lost a place in the ranking to the benefit of Biarritz, whose victory against the VRDR was improved. After the defeat at home against Béziers, it is a second consecutive setback for the Columérains who see the top 6 slip away…

Vannes finds itself

Last week, in the cold of the Pompidou stadium in Valence, Vannes had taken a hell of a lot of air conditioning, largely beaten by the VRDR. For the 17e day, it shouldn’t have been much warmer at the La Rabine stadium. But instead of a cold shower, the Bretons warmed the hearts of their always numerous supporters with a great success 31-15. In certain sequences, Jean-Noël Spitzer’s men recalled why they had been undefeated in Pro D2 during nine matches at the start of the season. Because this reception from a great team from Mont-de-Marsan, fourth at kick-off, was a hell of a test for a team lacking confidence. In addition to satisfactory content, especially compared to that of recent weeks, the Bretons showed pride. Twice the Montois took away the offensive bonus point. Twice, four minutes later, the Vannes players scored another try to secure the five points. Vannes regains its leadership position lost for 24 hours.

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