Pro D2 – Vannes overthrows Béziers and regains the lead of the championship

Pro D2 – At the opening of the 21st day, in a sold-out Rabine stadium, Vannes had a reshuffled but eye-catching team from Béziers (45-17), and at the same time regained the throne of the championship. Trailing at the break, the Bretons were able to count on an exceptional Ruru to win with the offensive bonus.

In a breathtaking series before tonight (nine wins in the last ten matches), the ASBH, which had decided to make several rotations for this distant trip to Brittany, fell at La Rabine (45-17), but showing a beautiful face. The Bitterois made Vannes doubt thanks to a first reference period where they took the lead (14-17). Attrition, the Bretons, thanks to the contribution of the bench and the talent of Ruru (a double and an assist), provided the essentials before the eyes of their supporters.

Thanks to this success, Vannes (1st, 66 points) takes the lead in Pro D2 from Gunther’s partners (2nd, 63 points). These two teams can still be overtaken by Provence Rugby, which will travel to Soyaux-Angoulême tomorrow.

Béziers has evolved without complexes

Despite an encore team, the Gunther gang produced a thunderous first half hour. Dominant in terms of contacts, both in defense and attack, the visitors quickly found the fault. Following a powerful charge from Votu, who left his partners just after with an injury to his right thigh, Akhaladze scored strongly (0-7, 11th).

With confidence, Béziers took advantage of the clumsiness of the locals, with several forwards, to widen the gap a little further. The people of Hérault found solutions thanks to crossbars on their feet. In advance, on one of them, Nanai-Williams put Alquier into orbit. The winger left his business card to Lafage and Surano to score in a corner (0-14, 27th).

With Rabine in full doubt, it took the rain to wake up the Bretons. Valleau’s teammates put their destiny in the hands of their in-form man. At the start of the action, Arraté pierced the Béziers lock in the axis, and in support, Leafa sounded the revolt (7-14, 32nd). An eighth personal try for the hooker which came at just the right time.

Despite three more points from Dreuille for a ground fault from Kalamafoni (7-17, 34th), Vannes once again came out with its nose at the window. Ruru, as a trickster, enhanced a magnificent breakthrough undertaken by Lafage. The opener outplayed the opposing defense thanks to an inspired pass fake. At the break, Vannes was able to take a breath as the Breton club had suffered (14-17, 40th+2).

Vannes won through attrition

In truth, Caillet’s men only had 50 minutes left. The second period was torture with a clear advantage taken by the Bretons (31-0). Suffering, Béziers gave up numerically inferior following the yellow card received by Goillot for a repetition of fouls (52nd).

After equalizing through Lafage (17-17, 56th), Vannes let go of the horses and in particular its three-quarters. But above all, Bresler put his team back in front thanks to good animation at the edge of the ruck from Ruru (24-17, 60th). The RCV then delighted its audience with a first-hand test after a scrum. Surano, very efficient in this part, took an interval before freeing his arms for Enzo Benmegal (31-17, 63rd). The winger, on loan from Racing 92, scored his first try in his new colors.

Five minutes later, the same Surano took advantage of an animation in the center of the field, and a hidden pass from Ruru, to head to the promised land (38-17, 69th). The scrum half, man of the match, even scored twice, at the end of the wing, thanks to a pivotal offering from Ortolan (45-17, 75th). The end of the match was torture for Béziers who notably lost Boulassel, Arroyo and Gunther to injury. A dirty evening for the ASBH, and a fun evening for the RCV.

In a week, Béziers will host Brive. The next day, Vannes will travel to Biarritz to try to stay at the top of the rankings.

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