PSG: A crucial date is set for this €700M project

With the total refusal on the part of the Paris town hall to sell the Parc des Princes to PSG, the Parisian club, wanting at all costs to evolve in a larger venue, is forced to look for other solutions. The one leading to the takeover of the Stade de France is a serious one since PSG is a candidate but will still have to wait for the verdict, the deadline for submitting the file being postponed to January 3.

The PSG will he change stadium? In any case, this is what the club’s management is tending towards, interested in the buyout of the Stade de France. Estimated at around €700 million, this change of stadium is in any case not unanimous among Parisian supporters who would like to keep the Princes Parklegendary enclosure of Red and blue.

PSG, candidate for the takeover of the Stade de France

Last April, during the call for expressions of interest launched by the French State concerning the purchase of the Stade de Francethe PSG was a candidate. This candidacy followed the remarks d’Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, in the columns of Parisian last January: “ Very clearly, the Parc des Princes is not for sale. And it won’t be sold. This is a firm and definitive position. »

Deadline postponed

The PSG still has time to refine his application file since the deadline for submitting applications is no longer in November, since it has been postponed to January 3…

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