PSG completes a transfer, Mbappé will enjoy himself

Upon his arrival, Luis Campos detected the enormous lack of a true number 9 in the Paris Saint-Germain attack. Several names were mentioned from Robert Lewandowski to Harry Kane, but it was ultimately Gonçalo Ramos who arrived from Benfica, as part of an operation worth a total of €80m.

Any club in the world would dream of being able to field Kylian Mbappé, Neymar et Lionel Messi in the same attack. THE PSG did, but ultimately this trio lacked a real anchor point with a power forward, something many observers pointed out.

Complicated beginnings for Gonçalo Ramos

The problem was resolved this summer, since Luis Campos decided to recruit Gonçalo Ramos, considered one of the great promises of Portuguese football. But we cannot say that this choice paid off, since the 22-year-old striker has still not scored a single goal with the PSG, while he has played four of the last five matches in Ligue 1. We will see if the Champions League will help him to break free, even if for the moment it is Randal Color who seems to hold the rope to play against the Borussia Dortmund.

“When Mbappé finds himself in the finishing areas after having made the difference, Gonçalo will always be available for Mbappé”

Contacted by 20 minutesthe former youth coach at Benfica is nevertheless convinced that the PSG made an excellent choice by focusing on Gonçalo Ramos…especially for a certain Kylian Mbappé ! « Gonçalo is an intelligent player who seeks to create spaces for his teammates so that they can create dangerous situations which he can then concludee” declared João Tralhão. « He is the opposite of Mbappé, who is an extremely strong player in one-on-one situations, almost unbeatable when he has space. Gonçalo is capable of favoring this type of situation by freeing up space. And on the other hand, when Mbappé finds himself in the finishing areas after making the difference, Gonçalo will always be available for Mbappé. In addition to striking, he can choose to serve Ramos ».

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