Rugby World Cup 2023 – An unbalanced World Cup? “A 24-team World Cup would advance our sport,” says Warren Gatland

Wales continued their record-perfect run in this World Cup. Coach Warren Gatland, impressed by the Portuguese performance on Saturday, thinks the World Cup should open up to more teams.

The subject has been debated for several days, particularly after the river scores between New Zealand and Namibia (71-3) and South Africa against Romania (76-0). Two meetings without any stakes, with the unfortunate impression that the actors were not playing the same sport on the pitch. For Portugal, 16th world nation – right in front ofUruguay who sold their skin dearly against the Blues – the experience went better, and the “Lobos”, intrepid and generous, can even harbor regrets after their defeat 28 to 8.

Jostled, the Welsh still won with the offensive bonus, but coach Warren Gatland was keen to pay tribute to the Portuguese selection after the match. Portugal put us under pressure, they passed the ball around. They impressed me.” While voices are being raised to demand tighter competitionGatland does not share the same opinion. “Uruguay were excellent against France. It’s magnificent for rugby. We’ve seen several matches like that. It’s fantastic. Portugal played very well against us, showed a lot of desire and multiplied the initiatives, and Uruguay had bad luck against France.”

“We want inferior teams to disrupt world rugby”

The boss of the Welsh selection went even further, and called for a World Cup extended to more nations: “It’s important to develop these tier two nations, and maybe we can end up with a 24-team World Cup later. I think that would help our sport progress.” Against the Portuguese, Wales had great difficulty asserting their game, like the French team against the South Americans. In experience, Jac Morgan’s teammates took off and the “Wolves” missed opportunities – whether it was points at the foot with a Samuel Marques diminished by calf discomfort or by a lack of clarity in the scoring areas – which explains the difference of 20 points at the final whistle. “I feel great pride, but also a lot of frustrationconfided the scrum half. We could have done better. But we have not renounced our principles. We wanted to show that Portuguese rugby was there, and I think we did that.”

Let’s put it simply, the Lusitanians moved the ball better than the Welsh, and if the match was pleasant to watch, we owe it to the performance of the men of Patrice Lagisquet and not the semi-finalists of the 2019 edition. “We want inferior teams to disrupt world rugbyeven went so far as to say Warren Gatland after the match. As long as I’m not the coach of the troubled team.”, he added with a smile. With perhaps more matches organized outside the World Cup against Tier 2 nations, Gatland’s wish could come true. But not sure that rugby wants to take this turn with regard to world league project approved to replace the traditional November tours…

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