Rugby World Cup 2023 – Antoine Dupont attended the Magnoac FC match two days after his operation

Operated last Friday on his maxillo-zygomatic fracture, Antoine Dupont discreetly attended the Magnoac FC match against Saverdun two days later. The captain of the Blues did not linger after the meeting.

Those who know him closely will not be surprised, as he does not like to stray too long from the green rectangle. After having undergone surgery last Friday for a maxillo-zygomatic fractureAntoine Dupont returned to his land, in Castelnau-Magnoac (Hautes-Pyrénées).

According to La Dépêche du Midi, the captain of the Blues took the opportunity to attend the meeting between his village club, Magnoac FC and Saverdun (Ariège). A meeting lost by the Magnoacais.

The Stade Toulouse scrum half remained discreet, cap on his head and sunglasses on his nose. Obviously, a few people recognized “Toto” Dupont, but did not ask him. Some children were even instructed not to disturb him, again according to La Dépêche.

Sébastien Bousquet, co-president of Magnoac FC reacted to this presence: “I saw that he was there. But he didn’t stay… He slipped away at the final whistle. I wanted to see him at the end of the match. But he had already left.”

“He came to recharge his batteries”

Alongside the best player in the world 2021, we found his uncle Jean-Luc Galès. The latter, who underwent knee surgery, joked about the situation: “We formed the disabled corner. He arrived in Castelnau after his operation. Rather than staying alone in Toulouse, he came to recharge his batteries in the country to reunite with his family. He does not often have the opportunity to come and spend time time here, so there he took the opportunity to come for two days.”

He then continued: “He was a little less well at the time of the injury. It’s true that it does something but this weekend he was fine, the surgeons and doctors reassured him afterwards.”

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