Rugby World Cup 2023 – Australia: Stirling Mortlock, former captain, defends Eddie Jones

After the Wallabies’ defeat against Wales, Australia could be eliminated for the first time in its history at the end of the group stages of the World Cup. Stirling Mortlock, former captain of Australia (80 caps) has defended Eddie Jones following rumors in the corridors which announce the coach in the hot seat.

Australia finds itself in a very delicate position. After a heavy defeat against Wales on Sunday evening, the Wallabies no longer have their destiny in their hands and could be eliminated for the first time in their history at the end of the group stages of the World Cup. A situation that provokes reactions and worries The australians who have seen their team slowly die out for several months.

At the end of the match, the Australian coach wanted to apologize: “My apologies to all Australians, whether they came here or were watching television. I take full responsibility for the defeat. This young team really tried, but we don’t have the weapons currently to thwart a team like Wales”.

Fire Eddie Jones? “The worst thing Australia could do” assures Mortlock

An apology which did not really have the effect of putting out the fire since Eddie Jones is still at the heart of criticism and sees his place called into question. Stirling Mortlock, former captain of the Wallabies, therefore defended the coach: “The worst thing Australia can do is suddenly get rid of him and tell him he’s not the best man for the job after only six months or something.” assures the former three-quarter center in the BBC’s “Rugby Union Daily” podcast. According to him, the coach did not “accountable” and notes the honesty of Eddie Jons: “I respect him, in every sense of the word, because he takes responsibility for it.”

At the end of the match, current Wallabies captain Will Skelton also explained having “all confidence in Eddie Jones”. This has the merit of being clear to players who do not seem to have the will to dissociate themselves from their coach.

As a reminder, Australia will play its last group match this Sunday face au Portugal.

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