Rugby World Cup 2023 – Fabien Galthié (French XV): “Give me the best players, not the painters!”

During the opposition between the XV of France and the Espoirs du Stade français, Fabien Galthié toughened his tone towards the young Parisians. The Blues coach wanted to see “the best players, not the painters”.

Fabien Galthié strengthens his speech. This Sunday, the XV of France trained with the Espoirs of Stade français to begin their preparation for the match against Namibia (September 21, 9 p.m.). The Blues notably opposed the young Parisians to regain automatisms, particularly around French executives. But this opposition was especially marked by the harsh instructions from Fabien Galthié against the Espoirs du Stade français.

\ud83d\udde3\ud83d\udcac “Put me the best players, not the painters! Go, go, go! Quick, quick, quick!”

\ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7\ud83c\udfc9 Fabien Galthié’s very muscular speech to the young people from Stade Français who came to put up numbers in training during an opposition against the XV of France.

— RMC Sport (@RMCsport) September 17, 2023

“Put me the best receiving players, not the painters! Go, go, go! Quick, quick, quick! Put me the guys who are awake, not the guys who sleep as receivers! A skillful guy, not a penguin!” exclaimed the Blues coach in particular, visibly unhappy with his “adversaries” of the day, in a video published by RMC. 48 hours after the lackluster success of the XV of France against Uruguay, the former scrum half from Colomiers must put his protégés back on the right path. As proof, the vast majority of executives should be back in the saddle against Namibia. This Sunday’s training notably revealed that Jonathan Danty participated in the session with the starters and that Louis Bielle-Biarrey could continue his second meeting in the World Cup.

Regarding these comments, which triggered a certain controversy around the coach, the FFR communication made it clear, this Sunday afternoon, that they had been made in a joking manner, without any malice at all. against young players from Stade français.

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