Rugby World Cup 2023 – “I received more messages than after the titles with Biarritz” reveals Patrice Lagisquet

Exceptional guest of viàMidol this Monday, September 18, Patrice Lagisquet, current coach of Portugal and former finalist of the World Cup with the XV of France in 1987, spoke about the exciting debut of the Portuguese Lobos despite the defeat against the country of Wales.

Portugal coach for this World Cup in France, Patrice Lagisquet was the guest of viàMidol this Monday, September 18. He came to answer questions from our journalists on this breath of fresh air brought by the Lusitanian selection, made up of some well-known names in the French rugby landscape. He notably revealed that his phone vibrated enormously, for lack of congratulatory messages and encouragement from those close to him, even more than when he won his three French championship titles with Olympic Biarritz in the 2000s.

Obviously delighted with the game proposed and the image conveyed by his players, he still hopes for a result in the competition to validate everything. For the next meeting, his team will meet the Georgians on Saturday at the Toulouse Stadium at 2 p.m. in an important match between two teams who have not yet won.

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