Rugby World Cup 2023 – Italy is scared but improves against Uruguay

Thanks to a one-sided second period, Italy won against Uruguay (38-17) on Wednesday September 20 in the first match of the third day of this group stage of the Rugby World Cup. It is a second improved success for the Italians who are now turning towards New Zealand. New setback for Uruguay which collapsed in the second half.

40 minutes of hope before 40 minutes of suffering. Uruguay, which wanted to bring down Italy during this first match of the third day of the group stage of this World Cup, finally collapsed after returning from the locker room. Messy and approximate, this Italian team found color in the second half to win (38-17) and validate a second offensive bonus in two matches. It’s a tough task that now awaits the Italians, provisionally first in the group, who will face New Zealand then France to try to qualify for the final stages for the first time. Uruguay will face Namibia to avoid last place in the group.

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