Rugby World Cup 2023 – Midol’s opinion. “Galthié, with low words”: return to the strange controversy of the “painters” of the Stade français

In his opinion of the day, our journalist Marc Duzan returns to the strange controversy of the “painters” of the Stade français, a term launched by Fabien Galthié.

From a bauble, today we make gospels. And I cry to see how much the croquignolesque episode of the “painters” could have caused such a stir in our kingdom. Frankly ? I am even taken aback by the sight of certain comments relating to the affair, on social networks: here, a guy asks himself “how can a coach allow himself to speak like that to kids?” » There, another laughs to note that the brittle, austere Galthié that his detractors portrayed “had ultimately not changed much”…

During the opposition between the XV of France and the Espoirs du Stade français, Fabien Galthié toughened his tone towards the young Parisians. The Blues coach wanted to see “the best players, not the painters”.

L’article :

— RUGBYRAMA (@RugbyramaFR) September 17, 2023

But how fragile is this society, for God’s sake? And where does this ability come from to be moved by what we are entitled to consider as the ultimately trivial, damn ordinary preaching of a coach who is pissed off to see that the start of the session is sluggish, shitty? Because what concerns us doesn’t go any further, does it? Both cheered up by the video debrief of the Uruguayan dung which preceded the Rueil session, annoyed by a kid throwing up an easy ball or returning to the trot, Fabien Galthié that day pushed the song with the sole aim of giving the tempo of a slightly sluggish training, in its preamble… The great deal…

So what ? Should we necessarily conclude that the national coach is suddenly overtaken by a “naturalness” that he has been trying to tame for many moons? Bullshit. I have known, in my pitiful career on the pitches of France and Navarre, coaches for whom the terms “painters” and “penguins” would have been considered endearment. For my part, I have always taken their outbursts as legitimate, or at least acceptable, before practicing a collective combat sport. Noticing my bewilderment, a colleague from Midol, also a former rugby player, responded to me this Sunday evening: “Put away your bile. I didn’t go to training to be insulted.” So, is he too fragile or am I too stupid? I’ll let you debate it…

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