Rugby World Cup 2023 – The Italy barometer – Uruguay: Michele Lamaro hyperactive, Andrés Vilaseca unhappy

After a very good first half, the Uruguayans finally broke down in the second act, after, in particular, a yellow card from Nicolas Freitas, for an unfortunate gesture. The third line of the Squadra Azzurra, Michele Lamaro, was the symbol of the Italian revolt in the second act.

The tops

Michele Lamaro

He is the author of a strong attempt, resisting several tackles to flatten the offensive bonus attempt. He also distinguished himself in defense because he was also the best tackler of the match, with sixteen opponents taken to the ground. And this, despite three failures. The third wing line was also collective, making eight passes. In short, a complete match from the Benetton player!

Paolo Garbisi

Repositioned in the center with the passage of Tommaso Allan at the opening, the MHR player enjoyed this position which he regularly occupies at club. In this meeting, the Italians constantly tried to play the game. If, in the first half, his team was messy, in the second half, he managed to showcase himself, notably covering 123 meters with the ball between his fingers, creating gaps for his partners. He was serious in defense with eight successful tackles and no missed ones.

Felipe Etcheverry

The Uruguayan was the Teros player the most prominent, in the positive but also in the negative. The opener took a while to get into his game. He missed two penalties at 0-0 and 0-7 which could have cost his team dearly. But during the last twenty minutes of the first act, the opener caught himself. First of all, he distinguished himself with an interception in his camp. If he didn’t have the legs to go to the promised land – he was stopped five meters from the line – this sequence ended with a yellow card for Niccolo Cannone. Then led to a maul and a penalty try for Uruguay and another yellow card, for Danilo Fischetti. Profitable! And what about his 40-yard drop in stoppage time in the first half? As against France, however, one of his clearances was blocked and gave the Italians a try in the second half. 137 meters covered with ball in hand for the Uruguay player, the best total of the match.

Les flops

Andres Vilaseca

The Teros captain precipitated his team’s defeat. Returning from the locker room, while his team had a ten-point lead, he received a yellow card and the Uruguayans conceded two tries. Fatal… If in fact, his shoulder tackle was costly, it is tragic for the Vannes center. Not noticed at real speed, by referee Angus Gardner, this foul was flagged by the video referee and perhaps did not deserve a yellow. There were six calls for video during this meeting. Strict application of the rule for some; a waste of time and an abuse in view of the reasons for some revisions, others will say…

Santiago Civetta

Authors of an excellent first half, the Uruguayans lowered their tone in the second half. IF Nicolas Freitas’s yellow and Italy’s two tries at the start of the second act were a big blow to the morale of the troops, the Teros also seemed in difficulty on a physical level. If the Italian third line was level, that of the camp opposite suffered from the comparison, like Santiago Civetta, only seven tackles and six meters covered with ball in hand.

Alessandro Garbisi

The scrum half did not have the same success as his brother. In the first half, Italy’s play was often messy. Even if it’s not just his fault, as number nine he has his share of responsibility. At the time when Italy was being mishandled, and even when the Squadra Azzurra took the lead, he remained very sober and tried nothing, taking no personal initiative. At his expense also, two missed tackles out of the six he attempted…

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