Rugby World Cup 2023 – “This England team is ugly!” : England under fire from critics despite its two victories

Two victories in as many matches at the start of the World Cup, a bonus won this Sunday against Japan: for England, the accounting lights are green. However, the XV de la Rose continues to come under violent criticism. The content of the matches, poor to say the least, is targeted.

If the aim of sport is certainly victory, this can no longer be freed from a certain aesthetic approach. This is what England is currently experiencing, the target of violent criticism for several days. And even more after their last meeting, Sunday evening against Japan in Nice. If the English actually won with the bonus (34-12), the manner however left something to be desired. And the XV de la Rose has since suffered a barrage of violent criticism. And in this game, the first to shoot is often Clive Woodward. In the Daily Mail, the former 2003 world champion coach opens the ball: England’s players have said we will see their attacking play come through against Japan in Nice. But this did not happen Never product.Something to set the mood.

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Guscott :I’m not sure I can continue watching.”

Still in the Daily Mail, Woodward continues. There were way, way too many kicks and too many game reversals. When you have possession and quick releases, the last thing you want to do is give it back to the opponent! MBut the English attackers seemed clumsy when George Ford tried to start the game. There is still work to do.” Accustomed to harsh criticism, Woodward is not alone in his crusade. He is even the most “tender”. His criticisms had already found an amplified echo, during the meeting, coming from another English icon, Jeremy Guscott: Please give the fans a little boost of optimism: play more than four times before kicking the ball! “. Before despairing, later during the meeting: “I’m not sure I can continue watching, it’s just too boring…”

This English team is ugly! No desire, no joy, no consistency… It’s a repulsive rugby, with Ford at the top of the negation of the game #ENGvJAP #RWC2023

— Olivier Magne (@MagneOlivier1) September 17, 2023

Magne: “It’s repulsive rugby”

On the French side, the tactical and frontal rugby of the English has not won many fans either. And it was the former Blues third row Olivier Magne (89 caps) who stepped up to the plate, visibly exasperated: “This English team is ugly! No desire, no joy, no coherence… It’s a repulsive rugby, with Ford at the top of the negation of the game.”

After a particularly dark year 2023, with a sad fourth place in the 6 Nations Tournament (2 victories, 3 defeats) and a particularly worrying summer preparation (3 defeats in 4 matches), the XV de la Rose nevertheless reassured at the start World Cup with two victories and a new state of mind. He currently occupies first place in Pool D. Too little, however, to satisfy observers and suggest a revival of England. Like Imanol Harinordoquy, last September 13 in the show viàMidol, the daily : “Against Argentina, they were unable to score a single try, which shows the poverty of their game. […] This team hasn’t shown much, it has been in difficulty since the last World Cup. They still look good physically. But he will have to show something else if they want to go far in the competition. As it stands, it won’t be enough.” An opinion that seems widely shared.

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