Rugby World Cup 2023 – Thomas Ramos: “Have fun collectively”

Invited to speak to the media just over 48 hours before the match against Namibia in Marseille, the Blues fullback spoke about the offensive ambitions of the Tricolores, and what they will go through.

We know you are a fervent football fan. Does playing at the Vélodrome on Thursday make Thursday’s meeting special?

First of all, I’m not a fan of OM, so I can’t really say that in relation to the club I support (smile). I played twice at the Vélodrome, with Stade Toulouse and the French team. These are very special atmospheres, in a stadium which is closed with the roof. Against South Africa, we couldn’t hear each other 2 meters away, that’s a bit different from the Stade de France where we are further away from the public, due to the athletics track. We are all looking forward to returning to the velodrome, the atmosphere is truly incredible, and the stadium is magnificent whatever anyone says. It contributes to the fact that we all want to have a good match.

Do we feel stronger when we record the returns of players like Cyril Baille, Anthony Jelonch or Jonathan Danty?

Yes, definitely. These are players who have an important place in the group, who have been playing for four years. It’s nice to see these guys come back, whether it’s Antho, Jo or Cyril who asked a lot of questions about his calf. We are very happy to see them come back, it allows us to work with 33 in training and to have as few players as possible on the side. For the morale of the troops, it’s good.

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Beyond victory, what are the objectives that you have set for this match?

Above all, we want to have fun together, while respecting Namibia. They took a lot of points in the first two matches, we also want to score some too but that will require respecting our game, being patient. It is not by throwing balloons everywhere that we will succeed in crossing them. We all want to progress with our offensive system, we have set ourselves the goal of being good on our attack.

To the point of doing better than New Zealand, who largely beat Namibia (71-3)?

We are not in competition with the All Blacks on this subject. We faced them in the opening match and we are happy to have beaten them. Against Namibia, they did good things that we can build on, and that’s good for them. We focus on our team: we want to be good everywhere, but above all to have fun offensively and collectively.

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The images of Fabien Galthié “shaking” the hopes of Stade Français caused a lot of talk. Have you felt more tense than usual this week?

She’s tough, that one… (laughs) No, I didn’t feel her more tense than usual. I don’t want to speak for him, but we are in an environment where the words we use don’t mean what we think. Between us, we sometimes take it as a joke. Having seen them from afar, the young people of SF also laughed at them at times. We need to play down the drama and not just use it to create buzz. Because, from time to time, we like it when Fabien is tense, to tell you the truth…

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