Rugby World Cup 2023 – Wales crushes Australia on the brink of elimination

This Sunday evening, Wales beat Australia (40-6). The Welsh are the first to qualify for the final phase of this World Cup. Warren Gatland’s men who lost Dan Biggar to injury were able to count on the precision of Gareth Anscombe. Australia, if it is not yet officially eliminated, no longer has its destiny in its hands and is on the brink of the abyss.

Isn’t a World Cup the best time to get back on track? Let’s ask Wales! Certainly the Red Devils were not placed in the most complicated group of the World Cup. But after three days, the picture is idyllic. After dismissing Fiji and Portugal, Morgan’s partners easily defeated a weak Australian team (40-6).

With 14 points, the XV du Poireau is the first nation to reach the next round. With only six units, Australia is on the edge of the precipice. For the first time in its history, it could leave the competition in the group stage.

There was no need to arrive late in the den usually dedicated to Olympique Lyonnais. On a magnificent combination in touch, at the halfway line, Davies was propelled between the posts. The scrum half took advantage of a delivery inside from Tompkins, and a sharp run from Morgan, to strike first (7-0, 2e).

Anscombe shone brightly!

In difficulty, the Wallabies got their hands back on the ball thanks to their forward pack. Bell, put in space by Arnold, fumbled the ball when flattening. Donaldson passed an easy penalty (7-3, 8e). Powerful in the duels, the Australians caused a stir for the Welsh. Hit in the left arm, Biggar was forced to give up his place to Anscombe (13e). The state of health of the Toulonnais will become a source of concern for the XV du Poireau in the coming days. Dominant in the melee thanks to Slipper’s good form, Donaldson brought his team back (7-6, 15e). These will be the last Australian points of the game…

After a first long distance failure (18e), Anscombe adjusted the sights to stop the Australian highlight (10-6, 21e). Instead of sticking to the score, the Nawaqanitawase gang made a surprising choice by not attempting a penalty well within the ropes of Donaldson. A lost throw, and a capital 50-22 from Morgan later, Anscombe has realised the first break of the game (13-6, 29e). A turning point from which Australia has never recovered.

Annoyed by the turn of this first period, where the Wallabies suffered from the cold realism of the opponent, Valetini offered another free foul by throwing himself on a ball near a ruck. At 30 meters, facing the poles, Anscombe did not tremble to offer a clear advantage to his team before returning to the locker room (16-6, 40e).

After the Biggar worry follows the Rees Zammit worry

Shortly after the start of the second act, Anscombe continued his harvest of points against the poles (19-6, 42e). The future playing master of Tokyo Sungoliath continued his show in attack. On an offensive, he correctly read the poor withdrawal of the Australian third curtain. On a foot pass over the defensive lineout, Tompkins grabbed the offering (26-6, 49e). Then, Anscombe definitively sealed a one-sided encounter with several penalties (32-6, 52e et 59e). He also added a drop to his stat sheet (35-6, 70e).

At the end of the game, Rees-Zammit limped out (72e). The star winger of the XV du Leek complained of calf pain. His condition, like that of Biggar, will need to be monitored closely. Just before the final whistle, Morgan, behind a thunderous maul, offered the final bouquet (40-6, 79e). Under the whistles, Eddie Jones and his flock could only observe the damage.

On October 7, Wales will play Georgia for the last match of this group stage. Australia challenges, on 1is Next October, Portugal in Saint-Étienne, to maintain hope even if it no longer has its destiny in its hands. Fiji even has a wildcard to reach the quarter-finals.

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