Rugby World Cup 2023 – When Australia loses ground against Fiji…

Australia lost 15-22 to Fiji on Sunday in Saint-Etienne. Undisciplined and dominated in the battle of the ground game, Eddie Jones’ team is floundering in this competition. And will have to put out a major performance next Sunday against Wales to hope to play in the quarter-finals.

If Australia has to settle for a defensive bonus point in front of Fiji (15-22), we must admit that it is partly “because” of the success of Fijian striker Simione Kuruvoli, author of a 100% against the poles. But above all, the Wallabies fed their opponents far too much on Sunday evening at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne. In a cauldron won over to the Fijian causethe Australians conceded far too many faults (18 against 7 for the Fijians who had only committed 3 in the 55the minute). Wallabies coach Eddie Jones mainly sought to defend his team at the end of this game, using irony and sometimes even seeming happy to crystallize criticism. “The whistles? I deserve them” Then “It’s my fault”he said, in turn.

On the kicking game, the coach estimated that the two teams had used it with the same frequency (29 Australian kicking games to 24 Fijians). “When you lose you always get criticized for the kicks, but they become fabulous when you winhe said. Sometimes it also comes from the pressure put on opposing players.”. However, if the Australians’ occupying footwork was sometimes good (like the 50:22 leading to a trickster try), it was not constant. Like the use of Petaia’s foot in certain situations.

Wallabies must mature

Great indiscipline, inconsistent kicking and then a lost ruck battle pushed Australia to the side of defeat. However, she had chosen to take the Fijians by the throat with a very aggressive defense. To quickly stop the powerful Fijians, before they are launched and too difficult to stop. But physically, Australia failed to maintain this pace, giving in at the start of the second period. Obviously, Eddie Jones’ choices come back to the forefront. “Perhaps I could become a journalist or a television commentator so I can always be rightslipped in response, and always with the same verve, Eddie Jones. I have no regrets. We’re going to have some challenges, some growing pains.” Because the boss of Australia really wanted to emphasize the youth of his team, the need for them to learn and grow.

Wales in a decisive match

In this competition, however, Australia will not have much time left, even if it maintains its hopes of playing in the quarter-finals. “The good thing about the World Cup is that it’s not the end of the road, wanted to retain coach Eddie Jones. NOTWe have Wales next week.” It will be in Lyon, Sunday September 24, and this shock could spell the end of Australian hopes. Second row Richie Arnold was pragmatic: “We’re going to say this makes it easier for us. We have to win, period.” “I’ll just tell the guys to be ready for Wales, outbid Captain David Porecki. It’s now or never !”

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