Rugby World Cup: Dupont back with the French XV? It’s possible

The XV of France is engaged in a race against time. Indeed, time is running out to hope for a potential return of Antoine Dupont for the final stages of the World Cup. The scrum-half has already had surgery, but there is no complete guarantee that he will recover. But according to Marc Madiot, boss of the FDJ, it is very likely to see the Stade Toulousain player again for the quarter or semi-final.

In front of the Namibia, the XV of France offered himself a demonstration, since he won 96 to 0. A prestigious victory, but which was spoiled by the injury ofAntoine Dupont. The scrum-half suffered a maxillo-zygomatic fracture following contact with the opposing captain, Johan Deysel. The player of Toulouse Stadium had to leave his teammates in the 46th minute of play.

Dupont had surgery

The XV of France has a hell of a card to play in this world Cupet Antoine Dupont known. In this sense, the latter decided to have an operation, in order to try to be back as quickly as possible. The operation went well as confirmed by the FFR through a press release, and the player should even find the group of Blues in the coming days. It remains to be seen whether he will be sufficiently recovered for the start of the final stages.

Marc Madiot is not worried about Dupont

Opinions differ regarding the possible participation ofAntoine Dupont to the probable quarter-final of the XV of France. At the microphone of Big Mouths of Sportthe boss of the FDJ, Marc Madiot was reassuring. The latter, who knows high-level athletes well, believes that the return of the scrum half for the start of the final phases is possible: “He recovers faster than ordinary mortals. I think it’s completely playable whether it’s operational for quarters or halfs. »

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