Rugby World Cup: The French XV distances itself

After defeating New Zealand (27-13), Uruguay (27-12) and Namibia (96-0) in the space of three weeks, the French XV will not play any matches this week. The opportunity to rest? Well not really because the Blues will focus on the match against Italy but especially on the hypothetical quarter-final against South Africa.

The XV of France distances himself from the World this week. After three extremely emotional weeks, the Blues will work in the shadows until the match against Italy scheduled for next Friday. There will be no question of resting until then, quite the contrary. The staff would have planned even more grueling training sessions.

“We had already planned our training cycle”

After the success against the Namibia THURSDAY, Fabien Galthié had briefly revealed the program of the XV of France for the coming weeks. “ We are going to assess everyone physically and psychologically, to field the best possible team against Italy. We had already planned our training cycle. We have 3 days off, then we will start again with a week without a match, where we will look to develop in various sectors. Then the week before the Lyon match, we will focus on Italy », Confided the coach of the XV of France. In reality, the staff would like to focus on the potential quarter-final.

The XV of France switches to final phase mode

THE Blues returned to training on Monday. Of course, Antoine Dupont was not present. The captain therefore avoids a trying week. According to information from Olympic Midday, training will be tough in the days to come. “ The week will be salty, the players will sweat. The objective is to be in peak form for the quarter-final in mid-October », specifies the journalist Marc Duzan. A choice which may seem surprising because the XV of France is not yet qualified, and that the players have had the right to enormous physical preparation before the start of the tournament. This same preparation had caused significant injuries, and while the XV of France is more decimated than ever, the physical trainer Thibault Giroud takes a real risk here. In the meantime, the Blues will watch closely the meeting on Friday which will pit the All Blacks to their future adversary, Italy.

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