Rugby World Cup: “Zidane hit people”… An Englishman lets loose

After Argentina, England scored their second victory at this Rugby World Cup. Indeed, this Sunday, the XV de la Rose won against Japan (34-12). A meeting during which Joe Marler stood out with… a headed pass which allowed his teammate to score a try. An unusual gesture about which the English pillar was questioned, following which… he tackled Zinedine Zidane.

The flawless performance continues for theEngland in this Rugby World Cup. While the XV of the Rose had started with a victory against theArgentinethe English have just followed up with a success against the Japan. One action also caused a lot of talk during this meeting. Indeed, on the test of Courtney Laweswe thought that Joe Marler had made a forward move, but ultimately no since he made the pass… with a header. An action which inevitably made the rounds on social networks and the gesture of the playerEngland then caused a lot of talk.

“He hit people, not balls”

Following this meeting between theEngland and the Japan, Joe Marler was also questioned about this head pass. As reported The Dispatcha journalist also questioned him, asking him if he could be considered the Zinedine Zidane rugby with this unusual pass. That’s when Joe Marler delivered an unexpected response since he tackled the legend ofFrench team football, then referring to the gesture of Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final against Marco Materazzi : « If I’m the new one…? No ! Because he hit people, not balls! ».

“I’ve been training for this for years.”

Providing further answers regarding his head pass, the pillar of theEngland used irony to answer the questions. Reported by The Parisian, Joe Marler notably confided: “ My head pass? I expected that. This has been my specialty for years. I’ve been training for this for years. Finally the work pays off! (…) You seem surprised. It’s obvious that you’re surprised. (…) It was a crazy try. I didn’t know what was happening but it worked. THANKS ».

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