Shaken, the blunt remarks of Ciryl Gane on France: “In my country, unfortunately…

Ciryl Gane is French and proud of it, and he could soon be carrying the tricolor to the top of the UFC mountain. He has a good chance of becoming the first champion from France, and yet, everything is not perfect in his relationship with the country…

Ciryl Gane is one of the most popular athletes in France, he had the unfortunate proof of this on the sidelines of his last fight. Like some of the best footballers in the French championship and the richest, thugs waited until he was gone to rob his house and leave with a huge jackpot. He makes millions, everyone knows it, and he was a victim of it.

It’s all the sadder because Bon Gamin has always tried to keep a simple life despite his success. He still went out to the same places in Paris as before his success, he walked without necessarily having a security team around him, and that is likely to change quite drastically after this incident. But how can you blame him?

Ciryl Gane cash on France

After speaking hotly on his Twitch channel, the No. 1 contender for the UFC heavyweight belt once again returned to the burglary with Ariel Helwani in the “MMA Hour”. While he promotes French fervor whenever he can, he has been forced to paint a much bleaker picture for American audiences.

It’s not only in my country, I think it’s the same elsewhere, but in France, unfortunately, when you’re a little bit famous… When you see MMA in France, everyone talks about it and everyone can see how much money I make in each fight. But lo and behold, the guy did a good job because he waited until the night of my fight to go to my house and do his shit. He took way too much money.

Ciryl Gane must note that in France, insecurity is quite high for high-level athletes, who are often victims of incidents of this kind. Everyone knows that they earn a lot of money, it shouldn’t be complicated to know where they live, so inevitably, some decide to take action. The Paris region is particularly affected by this scourge.

It now remains to be seen how he will react to protect himself and his loved ones. A move to a quieter corner of the capital? Abroad ? One thing is certain, he will not be caught off guard in the future and he will do everything to put this event behind him. We pity his next opponent, who will have to deal with all this accumulated frustration…

Ciryl Gane loves France, he represents it to perfection in the octagon, but unfortunately he has to face some big negative points in the country. He knows that his money is a problem for his security.

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