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Par Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Simply the author of 10 games so far in the NCAA, Bronny James is nevertheless already making a lot of talk about him on the NBA planet. Starting with Shams Charania, who spoke about his case in recent hours with significant indiscretion.

Coming out of a cardiac arrest experienced last summer, he was logically the subject of great caution on the part of his coaching staff. However, after having had to make his NCAA debut as a simple substitute, Bronny James appeared this Wednesday in USC’s major five for the second consecutive time. He also took the opportunity to deliver one of his best games of the season with 11 points and 6 assists:

Bronny James highly coveted in the NBA?

Despite his notable performance, Bronny was not enough for the Trojans to avoid defeat on the Arizona floor (67-82). However, he can console himself by believing that he showed good things to the NBA scouts who were watching him in this match, possibly many of them. Because yes, while the interest of a top team from the East had already been revealed by an insider, Shams Charania went even further in the show Run It Back :

Bronny was good offensively last night and people around the league know he’s at a much more advanced stage on defense than on offense. He really shined offensively in this match and when I talk about him around the league, I realize that he is followed by a lot of teams.

Supposedly already heavily watched at the higher level, the young fullback will see his rating rise further if he reproduces this kind of performance in the future.

Regardless, for now, doubts still hover over its true value among most observers. Some believe that if he were to be drafted in the NBA, it would simply be a way for his future franchise to kill two birds with one stone:

He is followed by a lot of teams because they know that if they draft Bronny, that means they could possibly attract his father at the same time, and for a pittance of bread more!! It’s that simple !! Sorry… but Bronny is not a 1st-round pick at the moment!

If his statistics are not really something to dream about for the moment, Bronny James would still be on the radar of many NBA franchises according to Shams Charania. News that certainly shouldn’t displease LeBron.

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