Shaq reveals the names of the next three NBA superstars

He is not Victor Wembanyama’s biggest fan if his multiple statements are to be believed. However, Shaquille O’Neal – who often compares the tricolor prodigy to Bol Bol – recently praised Wemby and placed him among the next superstars of the NBA. Furthermore, the legendary pivot of the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Miami Heat added two other names to this list.

Particularly raw and harsh when it comes to big men since his retirement from the courts, Shaquille O’Neal has not changed course this season. The Diesel continues to dedicate most of its media interventions to the succession of the NBA in the racket and has therefore become accustomed to discussing the case Victor Wembanyama. On several occasions, he was very harsh in his opinions, comparing it in particular to Was Wasyet little used in Phoenix.

“They are not in the same category”

However, he showed sympathy towards the French phenomenon this Monday, during a discussion with Adam Lefkoe in his Big Podcast : « Between Paolo Banchero, Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton, do you think any of them can make the grade? » asked first Lefkoe. A question to which Shaq responded with nuance. “ First of all, they are not in the same category. Paolo can go from ‘very good player’ to ‘star’. Ant’ is already close to ‘superstar’ status. Tyrese, since no one is looking at him, can really take it to the next level. »

Shaq’s top 3!

Once this clarification has been provided, O’Neal announced the other two names he believes can become superstars in the near future: “ You forgot a name: SGA. Like Luka (Doncic), he is a player who plays at his own pace. And what would happen if he accelerated this pace? He would go even higher. So for me it would be Tyrese Haliburton, SGA and Victor (Wembanyama). I have to mention it. »

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