Snubbed from the Top 10 all-time by a legend, LeBron’s cash response!

On paper, it seems natural to include LeBron James among the ten greatest players of all time. This is also why a Hall of Famer caused so much discussion by completely snubbing the King of his, not long ago. Interestingly, the Lakers star indulged in a clear statement about himself.

As can frequently be seen on the TNT set, Shaquille O’Neal is not one to hold back his punches against the current generation. Conversely, the former pivot rarely hesitates to pay homage to the old glories of the NBA, especially if he believes that they are no longer considered at their true value today. This is exactly what he did recently with the immense Julius Erving:

The question of who is the greatest NBA player is the subject of much debate. But let’s not forget that this man paved the way for us all. Salute the Godfather of GREATNESS. You must all have forgotten! Not me.

When Big Diesel says that about you or Michael Jordan declares that he considered you his idol, your is guaranteed to be engraved in the history books of the league.

LeBron’s honest statement about Julius Erving

NBA champion in 1983, 16-time All-Star and among the most elegant players to ever grace the court, Dr.J had however made a lot of noise recently by excluding LeBron James and Kobe Bryant from his all-time Top 10. If the former full-back is obviously no longer there to defend himself, this is not the case for the King. The latter also sent a big message to the legend, following Shaqfu’s post:

One of my inspirations, for sure!! He played with so much class and eloquence!!! I salute the man

Obviously, LBJ is not too angry with his elder for having snubbed him from his Top 10 all-time. Interestingly, the Hall of Famer reacted to Shaq’s message with a concise response, expressing his gratitude:

Julius Erving : ??

Julius Erving certainly excluded him from his all-time Top 10, but that will not change the immense respect the latter feels for the former winger. Even today, the latter is among the best players in history in his position and visually, he outperforms just as many. A true timeless legend of the orange ball.

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