Supporters are mobilizing for this departure announced at OM

Like Marcelino, Pablo Longoria would also have considered resigning on Monday evening, after a meeting between representatives of groups of supporters of the OM management. Although he has since changed his mind, the Marseille president has received several signs of support. A petition was even launched so that he keeps his position.

Everything is going very quicklyABOUT and the latest events only confirm it. Admired since he was named president in February 2021, Pablo Longoria is today called into question by some Marseille supporters. Some of them called for his departure on Monday evening, during a long-planned meeting between representatives of different supporter groups and the management of theABOUT.

Longoria will finally stay

If the Spanish press mentioned death threats against Pablo Longoriathe supporters present during this meeting denied them, even if the climate was still tense, as indicated by the journalist from The Team Mathieu Grégoire. The president of theABOUT would have nevertheless considered resigning from his position following this meeting. After speaking in particular with Frank McCourt these last hours, he would have finally decided to stay. Which will please a large part of Marseille supporters. Indeed, several of them mobilized to support Pablo Longoria and a petition was even launched so that he retains his position.

A petition launched for the maintenance of Longoria

« We gather today to express our unwavering support for Pablo Longoria, the president of Olympique de Marseille. The recent rumors regarding his resignation have deeply worried us, because we firmly believe that his leadership is essential for the future of our club (…) We therefore call on all OM supporters, as well as football fans of the world, to sign this petition to show our unwavering support for Pablo Longoria. Together, we can convince our president to stay at the head of our club and continue working for a glorious future for Olympique de Marseille », We can read on the page of this petition.

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