Supporters / players meeting… the reactions!

The editorial staff of Football Club de Marseille is made up of journalists who have been following OM (Olympique de Marseille) for more than 10 years. Our journalists cover news from OM and the OM transfer window daily.

After the crisis meeting yesterday morning between the staff, the coach and his staff and the players, the squad met this afternoon at the RLD center to discuss with the leaders of the supporter groups.

The journalist from Provence, Fabrice Lamperti made a small point. “Meeting ended between supporters and OM players. Everyone leaves the commandery. First reaction from a supporter: “It happened peacefully. They said they would try to react”

At the microphone of France Bleu Provence, Rachid Zeroual explained that the supporters were still with the players, for the moment… “The first words of a participant in the meeting: Rachid Zéroual from the Winners.
“We made them understand that they were livid, that they should enter the field with their chests out and not their heads down. We are behind them. »

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