Tennis: Nadal close to retirement, the strong message for Djokovic

Holder of a Master’s degree in sports journalism, I fell in love with tennis since childhood and have always loved reading the great stories of this sport. Today, I want to tell them about them, take full advantage of my passion and be as close as possible to the aces of the circuit.

Monday evening, Rafael Nadal delivered a rich interview to Spanish television concerning his plans for the year 2024. The Spaniard, who is having an almost blank season at 37, had already announced a few months ago his wish to retire ‘next year. Injured since the Australian Open, Nadal has not refined his program at all for the coming months. For the moment, the hope of seeing him conquer again on a tennis court is a little illusory…

While the latest news was pretty good, Rafael Nadal has cast some confusion over the current situation. The Spaniard does not know if he will be able to return to the high level in a few months to start the 2024 season and for the moment, he is not yet thinking about his farewell to the world of tennis. He also returned to the exploits of Novak Djokovic which far exceeded it in the number of titles in Grand Slam This year.

Curtain in 2024?

Given the physical difficulties he is experiencing, Rafael Nadal will certainly not be able to continue beyond 2024 without suffering. The Spaniard provided more details regarding the end of his career on Monday evening. “There is a good chance that 2024 will be my last year. But I remain open to whatever the future may hold for me. I don’t know where I want to play my last tennis match because I don’t know where I can play it or when I can play it.” did he declare.

Djokovic wanted more

Asked about the year of Novak Djokovicwhich added 3 titles from Grand Slam on his list in 2023, Rafael Nadal made a judgment about the Serbian’s success. “Would I have liked to be the tennis player who won the most Grand Slam tournaments in history? Without a doubt, of course. That’s what sport is, trying to be the best you can be. Was it an obsession for me? No not at all. It doesn’t frustrate me either, you can’t be frustrated all the time in life. I think Novak experiences this more intensely than me. I think that for him it would have been a greater frustration not to succeed, and perhaps that is why he succeeded. He had the ability to push ambition to the maximum” he said, a few days after the Serb’s statements concerning his mental state on the court.

Back to training

As mentioned recently, Rafael Nadal gradually resumed training. A few months after his operation, he revealed that he works out 3 times a week for less than an hour since he can’t put in much intensity at the moment. He also set the month of November to have clearer ideas and perhaps set a date for his return to the circuit.

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