The aircraft no longer appeared on radar, the pilot found dead next to the debris late at night

This Saturday, September 16, 2023, an aircraft disappeared from radar north of Lake Villefort. The device was found during the night, crushed against a mountain. The pilot died.

Tragic accident in Lozère. While an aircraft was in flight on Saturday September 16, it suddenly stopped transmitting at Lake Villefort, report our colleagues from Press Center. A research system was quickly set up.

“Dislocated in the mountains”

In the evening, “thanks to the testimonies of residents and the search system, the single-engine plane was found dislocated in the mountain,” said the Lozère gendarmes. The pilot died in the accident, the causes of which are currently unknown.

It was in the rain and fog that the emergency services found the first debris late at night, before securing the area. During their research, the gendarmes were able to count on the support of a drone remote pilot and the Criminal Identification Unit.

“A joint investigation was opened into the causes of the tragedy by the Villefort brigade with the Air Transport Gendarmerie Brigade (BGTA) of Montpellier, in charge of recording civil aircraft accidents,” specifies thethe Lozère gendarmerie in a Facebook post. Agents from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) will have to carry out the findings.

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