The lunar rumor about Bronny James and Natalia Bryant: “It would be cool if…

Natalia Bryant and Bronny James, two children of NBA legends

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At the start of the school year, it is difficult to imagine a campus more monitored than that of USC in Los Angeles. The prestigious university welcomes Bronny James and Natalia Bryant, and inevitably, rumors were quick to flourish between the two “children of”…

If his career is on hold for the moment, nothing more normal after his big heart scare during the summer, Bronny James will still take his first steps on the campus of the University of Southern California. Before taking the NCAA fields by storm, he will have to prove himself academically, where he should also meet a young woman he knows well.

Because the young King will not be the only legendary child to strut his stuff in the most popular school in Los Angeles. He should also meet Natalia Bryant, daughter of the late Kobe, which inevitably sparked the imagination of some Internet users. For example, a viral message suggested a potential love story and the eventual birth of the best basketball player of all time…

The crazy fiction about Bronny and Natalia Bryant

Because they’re both at USC, imagine how cool it would be if Bronny and Natalia fell in love and created the most dominant player in history, and they named him “Kobe Michael James.”

240 likes for more than 1,000 retweets and quotes, you can imagine that this message went viral for all the wrong reasons. Bronny James and Natalia Bryant were born in 2004 and 2003 respectively, they have only just started university, what a strange idea to imagine a relationship between them, and moreover a relationship supposed to give birth to a young basketball player…

Unfortunately for them, this is the life they will lead for at least a year at university. They are perhaps the two most famous students in the entire United States, all their actions will be watched and commented on by the curious. The good news is that this lunar fantasy has been denounced en masse by more “balanced” Internet users.

Is this guy imagining a fictional sexual relationship between two teenagers?

Bronny and Natalia are at the heart of some people’s fantasies, which is particularly disturbing… And then, even if they started a family, why would they name their son “Kobe Michael James”? They will undoubtedly seek to get rid of the image of their loved ones.

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