The McCourt clan comes out of silence for the OM boss

It’s a terrible crisis that has been hitting OM for a few hours now. Dissatisfied, Olympian supporters demanded the departures of the leaders, Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta in the lead. It is in this very threatening climate that the OM management decided to withdraw this Tuesday evening. Following this, someone close to Frank McCourt spoke.

Although theABOUT is still undefeated in the championship and 3rd in Ligue 1, the war broke out Marseille. Indeed, dissatisfied, the fans expressed their anger to the Olympian management on Monday evening during a meeting with Pablo Longoria or Javier Ribalta. While Marcelino was also targeted, fans of theABOUT demanded the departure of Marseille leaders, even to the point of threatening them.

Longoria withdraws from OM

This Tuesday, in a press release, theABOUT condemned the threats made against its management. While there was talk of a departure from Pablo Longoria during the day, the Marseille club also announced that the Olympian president was going to step down from his duties, in the same way as Javier Ribalta, Stéphane Tessier et Pedro Iriondo to take time to reflect.

McCourt comes to the aid of management

In the wake of the press release from theABOUT, a relative of Frank McCourt came out of the silence. In remarks given to JDDthe owner of the Marseille club defended Pablo Longoria : « Full support for management, P. Longoria remains in place, these events are unacceptable ».

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