The National Rally pays off its Russian loan in full and brings the maturity date forward by 5 years

Marine Le Pen’s party, attacked on this subject, repaid the entire 6,088,784 euros it owed to Aviazapchast.

One less stone in the shoe. The National Rally has just announced in a press release that it has repaid its entire loan to the Russian company Aviazapchast, contracted via a Czech-Russian bank before the debt ultimately landed in a completely Russian bank.

The RN thus reimbursed the remaining six million and some euros, according to the deputy for Moselle and treasurer of the party, Kevin Pfeffer. Which mentions: “Despite a final deadline scheduled for December 20, 2028, it is with an anticipation of 60 months that the National Rally honored the repayment of the ground of its loan for an amount of 6,088,784 euros.

Attacks during the presidential campaign

In the press release, the National Rally adds that this “loan was taken out (in 2014) to finance its political activities and to ensure its participation in the elections” in the face of “the refusals of all European banks, first and foremost French banks. to grant him a loan at that time”.

After the bankruptcy of the Czech-Russian bank, the First Czech-Russian Bank, with which the RN had initially signed, the debt was assigned to a Russian car rental company, Conti, then resold in 2019 to Aviazapchast, a firm managed by former Russian soldiers and specialized in spare parts for aircraft.

Marine Le Pen was the subject of attacks on several occasions regarding this loan during the presidential campaign. During the debate between the two rounds of the 2022 presidential election, two months after the invasion of Ukraine, President Emmanuel Macron estimated that Marine Le Pen was speaking “to (her) banker when she speaks of Russia”.

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