“The terrorist risk remains very significant”: according to Gérald Darmanin, 42 attacks have been foiled since 2017

The Minister of the Interior discusses the persistence of the terrorist threat as France prepares to host the Olympic Games.

Forty-two planned terrorist attacks have been foiled since 2017 “and fifteen were successful”, Gérald Darmanin underlined on Wednesday, while France is hosting numerous major events until the Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer.

The terrorist risk remains very significant. Major current or future events: rugby world championships, Olympic Games, visit of Charles III, visit of the Pope, etc. reinforce our vigilance.
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— Gérald DARMANIN (@GDarmanin) September 20, 2023

“The terrorist risk remains very significant. Current or future events (Rugby World Cup, Olympics, the arrival of the Pope, etc.) reinforce our vigilance,” repeated the Minister of the Interior in an interview with the daily Ouest- France.

390 people convicted of terrorism are in prison

According to the minister, “there are 5,273 people whose services believe they are likely to carry out the act or in contact with others who may carry out the act”, specifying that 89 people registered in the reports file for the Prevention of Terrorist Radicalization (FSPRT) and foreigners were expelled this year, for a total of 795 since 2017.

Since Wednesday, France has put in place a massive security system to welcome King Charles III and Queen Camilla, on a three-day state visit, before the arrival of Pope Francis in Marseille on Friday and Saturday, while still being held the Rugby World Cup everywhere in France. “There are currently 390 people convicted of terrorism in prison. 472 have been released since 2018. And 75 new releases are planned by the courts in 2023, 41 in 2024, then another 37 in 2025,” noted Gérald Darmanin, who said he was attentive with the Minister of Justice to people released from prison. “Less than 5% are not meeting their obligations,” he said.

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